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Well, it's been a while since I updated this thing.

So, um, what can I say? My birthday went last 18th and it was ok, had fun and everything else.

Let's see... well, for starters why I haven't posted anything for months, it's because when I draw something, I like to get it perfectly (or the most as I can get). I'm very picky on what I like and whatnot, so many of my drawings end up erased or in my notebooks where nobody will find them.

Part two, got a 360 a few months ago, and now my attention is on the TV instead of the PC (I'm a gamer, and after beating every game I have on my old N64, what could I do?)

Part three, the chatroom I usually went to (#FurryResort) got kinda dead, or I don't have a conversation point to start with; #devart is always too busy to build something up random, don't like when I get one or two replies, and then drop the conversation. On the other hand, I always logged on because I played #iRPG ... but then the bot broke and it has been months since I got there, and it appears the bot will be back, but we'll have to wait some more. So, no more dAmn for me.

Part four... as many of you would know (or not), I get easily bored by an activity after some time... you might say "Well, I do too, it's called 'routine', and there's nothing bad about it."; and guess what: I don't like when I get a routine, most of it if I can avoid it.

Then again, this is a habit that forged some time ago, and now it's somewhat hard to break, so I might be drawing in some time again (maybe I'll start uploading more scraps, so my activity won't be zero), and if you wana talk to me, my MSN address is on my Devious Info, if interested.

Ah, one more thing: I'm open for requests, but they will be only sketches, since my photoshop got uninstalled due to malfunctioning, and haven't figured out how to use SAI or any other coloring software. Advice is good too, please note. :)
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July 13, 2010


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